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Medication for a lifetime or...
a short term intervention for your mental health?

you have options.

We designed one that works.
6 x Ketamine Treatments
1 x Initial Medical Consultation
2 x Follow up Medical Consultations
2 x Health Coaching Sessions
4 x Integration Specialist Check-ins
Unlimited Weekly Small Group Integration sessions
Unlimited Support via our App

Effective Price at $167/experience*

*Financing subject to approval. Talk to our program experts for options. Total cost of the program is $1399.

Unlimited Preparation
& Integration Sessions

Integration is the key to success in our at-home ketamine program. We believe it's not just about the medicine, it's about assimilating insights and creating new patterns of behavior. These sessions provide a supportive environment where patients can attend as many sessions as needed.

1:1 Health Coaching

Our one-on-one health coaching sessions are an essential part of our treatment programs. Our certified coaches help you identify negative habits and thoughts holding you back from achieving optimal health and wellness. We work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your needs and goals.

Our App

Designed with Care: Our clinicians crafted our app from scratch with compassion in mind. We understand the importance of personal connections in treatment, so our app doesn't replace people or automate care.
Rather, it provides you with detailed insights to enhance your treatment journey. And, our musicologist-designed playlists have received glowing reviews from clients.


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