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frequently asked questions

what pharmacies does nue life use?
what can i expect in a discovery call?
what is the cost of service?
what are your business hours?
is ketamine legal?
where are your services available?
what is the ketamine therapy experience like?
what happens after i have the recommended 6 experiences?
how often do i have the experiences?
what are the side effects?
can i come off my medication by having ketamine experiences?
will i be able to go to work the next day?
do you offer the nasal spray, spravato?
how does this program work?
how long will the clinical effects last?
can i take my medications while having these experiences?
how do i sign up for a nue life treatment program?
what is the difference between oral tablets and iv infusions?
does insurance cover this program?
who is a good fit for this program?
who is not a good fit for the program?
what are my payment options for nue reset?
what happens if i am not approved by the provider?
what is integration?

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