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We’re a new kind of mental wellness company that believes in the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change.

We’ve created a therapeutic ecosystem of ketamine therapy, an interactive companion app, and virtual aftercare programs to help you heal your most important relationship:
the one you have with yourself.

“ I had depression, anxiety, and PTSD. My first ketamine experience gave me a sense of peace and well-being I had not felt in years. ”

Michael G.

Our Process


Select our at-home ketamine program Nue Reset or download our App today. If you'd like to learn more, book a call with our Welcome Team to select a treatment option that meets your needs


Embark on your personalized healing journey. As you move through your ketamine experiences, you'll share insights and feedback via the app with your care team, ensuring that your experience is safe and effective.


Join us for our preparation and integration group sessions to engage with others in our Nue Life community. We also offer one-on-one sessions to suit your needs.

Download our Free App

Even if you are undergoing ketamine therapy outside of Nue Life, you can be supported daily for free via the Nue Life app.

Our team has delivered 90,000+ treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD & other conditions.

“ After more than 20 years of suffering from PTSD, I've finally found a treatment that is profoundly restorative. This allows me to process and heal. The staff at Nue Life are professional and I feel comfortable working with them. I'm very grateful for their services.”

Kimberly P.

“ After 35 years of dealing with PTSD symptoms, I’ve finally been able to recognize my triggers and discuss them with professionals. I’ve developed a mature and responsible foundation that I can fall back on if I feel my disorder influencing my behavior. I’m able to grow and progress in my personal relationship, and I now enjoy life with enthusiasm. The Nue Life process is remarkably fast and safe. As a medical professional, I recommend this to anyone stuck in life’s quicksand. The process is amazing.”

Mitchell A.

“ I am forever grateful for this group! They have helped me to dig deep for true healing within - and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend Nue Life to everyone. The team is absolutely great! Thank you!!!! ”

Marlena M.

Why Nue Life?


For many, oral ketamine provides a rapid antidepressant effect within hours of the first dose - unlike SSRIs, which often take weeks to work. The psychedelic component of treatment offers insights and understanding that empower you to address the root cause of your suffering, not just the symptoms.


Ketamine has full FDA approval and is used in hospitals every day as an anesthetic. Multiple clinical trials have shown ketamine’s profound ability to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It’s shorter-acting and more predictable than other psychedelics.


We developed our in-home programs to replace expensive IV infusions. Our companion app provides a cost-effective way for you to interact with our clinical team and learn how to optimize your treatment.


Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum - we believe that people heal people. Our programs include participation in clinician-led integration groups and health coaching sessions for additional support.

Our Programs

For New Patients seeking at-home Ketamine treatment

6 x Ketamine Treatments
1 x Initial Medical Consultation
2 x Follow up Medical Consultations
2 x Health Coaching Sessions
4 x Integration Specialist Check-ins
Unlimited Weekly Small Group Integration Sessions
Unlimited Support via our App
*Financing subject to approval. Talk to our program experts for options. Total cost of the program is $1399.

Are you currently in a ketamine program but looking for additional support?

Consider our Ketamine Therapy Support Programs. They offer personalized coaching, consultations with specialists, and unlimited integration sessions. Our internal data reveals 20-25% more patients achieving their clinical response objectives by leveraging these programs.

Have you made up your mind to
change your mind?

Better together

While there are other at-home psychedelic therapy options, our programs are the only ones that include integration groups and health coaching as core treatment components.

An app like no other

With musicologist-designed playlists, voice journals, and mood tracking, we’re bringing a seamless experience to at-home psychedelic therapy.

Science first

Ketamine restores these synaptic connections damaged by stress by targeting the NMDA receptor and releasing a surge of glutamate, which helps grow new synapses.

Nue Life app is now available for free to all users

the most advanced mental wellness companion app.


Mood tracking, voice notes, telemedicine support, and more - at your fingertips.

your personalized wellness evaluation system.


Nue Care includes Nue Score, a proprietary tracking system that offers you a holistic snapshot of your progress.

healing... by the numbers.


Our collection of mental wellness assessments helps you see your progress in real-time.

your soundtrack to healing.


Our musicologist-designed playlists allow you to create the optimal setting for your Nue Life experience.

exclusive content supports you in your healing journey.


The latest news in health and wellness helps you build your self-care toolkit.

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Personalized, affordable at-home therapy supported by the Nue Life mobile app.

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