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September 5, 2022

Nue Life

Nue Life

“Be you, love you. All ways, always.”

― Alexandra Elle, author and certified breathwork coach

At Nue Life, we believe that ketamine treatment can serve as a catalyst for lasting change. However, we don’t want our clients to be forever reliant on ketamine. That’s why our flagship programs include ketamine treatment combined with integration groups, health coaching, and virtual support to help clients get the most from their ketamine experiences.

To build on this commitment, we’re happy to announce our new aftercare program, Nue Care. Nue Care is a six-month wellness membership program designed to help maintain the elevated mental state following ketamine therapy. The comprehensive program includes ongoing health coaching, integration support, progress tracking through Nue Score (more below), and targeted wellness content.

Harnessing the Power of Ketamine

Nue Life Medical Director, Benjamin Medrano, MD, believes that the days and weeks following ketamine treatment are integral in creating sustainable, long-lasting change.  

“There is strong evidence of increased neuroplasticity in the weeks following ketamine treatment. This period is an opportune time to develop key habits to support overall physical and mental wellness,” says Medrano. “Nue Care harnesses this window of increased ability to implement new habits by gauging where the patient is in their wellness journey while giving them the feedback and evidence-based tools to make a deeper impact.”

The Nue Life Care Team

Members of Nue Care will have the support of a dedicated care team comprised of their medical provider, health coach, and integration specialist. Through Nue Life’s proprietary technology, the team accompanies clients through each step of the process through one-on-one health coaching, medical consultations, and integration group sessions.

Aditya Sankarabhotla serves as Vice President of AI and Technology for Nue Life. “One of the key components to delivering high-quality care is to bring the human connections to the core and enable easy accessibility to the dedicated care team through an efficient scheduling and appointment management process,” Sankarabhotla says. “The Care section of the Nue App does that exactly. Clients can easily learn about their care team, chat with them securely, and book appointments with them in a most delightful manner.”

Nue Score

The Nue Care program will introduce Nue Score, a personalized wellness evaluation system powered by proprietary algorithms. Nue Score is a convenient, intuitive interface designed to help set health and lifestyle goals while providing valuable feedback, motivation, and education. Nue Score is available to all existing clients, not just members of Nue Care. If you are an existing Nue Life client, Nue Score will automatically populate in your app when you update it. In addition, the Nue App is now available in the Google Play store for Android users.

“Through Nue Score, both clients and the care team are able to closely monitor their readiness for psychedelic therapies as well as measure compliance with post-treatment integration activities,” Sankarabhotla explains. “The ultimate application of Nue Score is to reward and incentivize our clients for the work they are doing and potentially intervene with appropriate treatment modalities.”

The insights provided through Nue Score will help clients and health coaches create strategies and goals for their desired mental and physical lifestyle changes. Nue Score is also compatible with biometric data integration software (Apple Healthkit and Google Fit) for effortless optional tracking and integration of your daily health data.

Get the Most From Ketamine Therapy

In addition to ongoing support from your health coach and integration groups, members of Nue Care will receive members-only access to discounted à la carte services available for purchase. These range from additional integration group meetings and health coaching, to one-on-one therapy sessions with a psychedelic integration specialist, and additional maintenance ketamine treatments if they’re prescribed.

Everything your six-month Nue Care membership has to offer:

  • Six forty-five-minute health coaching sessions to set wellness goals and co-create a plan to achieve them
  • Twenty-four one-hour weekly group integration sessions that address specific mental health issues and goals each week
  • Three medical consultations
  • Access to Nue Score, our proprietary wellness evaluation system for tracking progress and developing positive habits
  • Exclusive wellness content focused on your specific wellness goals
  • Curated music playlists designed around healing intentions
  • Biometric data integration
  • Telemedicine support for maintenance ketamine treatments (if prescribed)
  • Unlimited messaging with your care team
  • Session scheduling and voice notes

The Nue Care membership program is $249/month for six months, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Whether you’ve completed your ketamine experiences or are just embarking on them, we invite you to consider joining Nue Care to enhance and support your wellness journey.

If you’re an existing Nue Life client, reach out to your Client Success Manager to join Nue Care or if you have more questions.

If you’re new to Nue Life, click the Get Started button below and schedule a call with our Welcome Team to learn about enrolling in our ketamine therapy programs.

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