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October 5, 2022

Nue Life

Nue Life

Mental Health America estimates that in 2021 57% of adults in America dealing with a mental health disorder did not receive treatment. In other words, over 26 million individuals experiencing mental health conditions were unable to access treatment. Clearly, the need for accessible mental health care in the United States has reached a crisis point.    

Our goal is to make at-home ketamine therapy, aftercare, and telehealth accessible for all. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce Nue Network, an opportunity for prescribing medical providers to partner with Nue Life in offering safe, holistic, at-home ketamine therapy to their patients.

Our mission at Nue Life Health is to address the root cause of patients’ mental suffering by providing safe, effective ketamine therapy from the comfort of home. We’ve administered over 40,000 sublingual ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. Our recently-published study in Frontiers in Psychiatry showed our patients experienced an over 60% improvement in depression and anxiety scores after six doses of sublingual ketamine.

Our programs include not only transformative ketamine treatments but also virtual group integration sessions and individual health coaching to help patients make sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes following their ketamine experiences.

What Is Nue Network?

Nue Network is a service that allows prescribing medical providers to offer patients personalized ketamine therapy through Nue Life Health’s established, holistic treatment programs.

Julie Zukof, Head of Nue Life’s Strategic Partnerships says, “Our team has treated over 5,000 patients. Now, by collaborating with medical providers directly, we are giving them another tool in their toolkit and giving patients a trustworthy, safe, and effective point of access to transformative psychedelic treatment for improved mental health.“

Given that traditional depression medications may fail 40-60% of the time, the need for an effective alternative is ever-present. Our solution offers practices ease of implementation and ongoing support to meet this need.

Ease & Access for Providers

Providers who choose to join Nue Network gain access to our comprehensive HIPAA-compliant training and the Nue Network provider portal.

Training covers assessing patient candidacy, prescribing protocols, safety measures, and the opportunity to shadow experienced providers.

Each provider is given their own co-branded page within the Nue Network website as well as:

  • Compliance documents, scheduling, and marketing templates
  • Pharmacy compounding and shipping of medication to patients’ homes
  • Affordable payment options for patients
  • Patient progress tracking tools
  • E-prescription capability

Nue Network providers also have the support of a dedicated Provider Success Manager, as well as access to their patient’s progress and experience feedback through the Nue Network online portal.

“This is a great chance for any providers who have been wanting to make ketamine treatment accessible to their patients but aren’t sure how to get started,” says Nue Life Medical Director, Lynn Marie Morski, MD, JD. “Nue Life has created a turnkey solution where we’ve taken care of preparation, integration, technology, and support needed to maximize the benefit of ketamine treatment.”

How It Works for Patients

Patients who qualify for ketamine therapy with Nue Life will receive all of the features of our flagship programs, Nue Reset and Nue You. Nue Reset is a one-month program with six ketamine treatments. Nue You is a four-month program with eighteen ketamine treatments.

Psychedelic treatment requires more than a prescription alone to be successful. Integrating the insights from your ketamine experiences with a trained integration specialist is an essential step in the therapeutic process. Nue Life has the most comprehensive integration and after-care programs of any at-home ketamine therapy provider.  

Our advanced digital platform enables patients to support their ketamine treatment with preparation and integration groups, health coaching, and a care-coordinating app that features playlists, mood trackers, and voice notes.

We also provide an optional aftercare program called Nue Care for alumni of our ketamine therapy programs. With Nue Care, patients continue to receive health coaching, integration group sessions, medical consultations, and everything our digital platform has to offer.

Join Nue Network

Increasing access to safe, effective ketamine therapy is our goal. By joining Nue Network, prescribing medical providers can now learn how to administer this transformative medication and provide greater treatment access without the strain on resources and staff.

If you’re a prescribing medical provider who would like to learn more, click here to schedule a time to speak with our provider team.

If you’re a patient who would like to explore ketamine therapy under the supervision of your own physician, refer your prescribing medical provider to the Nue Network Powered by Nue Life.


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