Spark Your Sweetness: The Enchanting Musical Journey of KoTo Kaur and Delusion Bay

April 27, 2023

Nue Life

Nue Life

In the realm of healing music, KoTo Kaur and Delusion Bay (César Rodriguez) have made their marks as two incredibly talented artists who have dedicated themselves to creating transformative and deeply touching musical experiences. Their recent collaboration, a music journey conducted on April 21st for Nue Life Health, was a testament to their combined creative prowess and commitment to spreading love, joy, and healing vibrations. With the intention of “Spark your Sweetness,” this musical journey took listeners on a transcendent ride to a realm of inner peace and happiness.

KoTo Kaur: A Healing Music Maestro

KoTo Kaur, a Miami-based healing music recording artist, has made a name for herself through her original music that weaves together her Venezuelan roots with devotional Sikh mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, which she practices and teaches. With a background in classical music production and sound engineering, KoTo Kaur expanded her horizons to explore her own musical depths.

Having worked with renowned artists such as Alemor, Gustavo Dudamel, and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, she has gained recognition for her work, including a 2021 Latin Grammy nomination as a recording engineer. She has also studied with sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur Khalsa and performed alongside world music multi-instrumentalists Lester Paredes and Yilmer Vivas.

In addition to her musical talents, KoTo Kaur has taught workshops and masterclasses on “Vocal Connection,” helping practitioners find divinity within themselves. She is currently working on her first album with César Rodríguez, with whom she recently co-produced her latest release, “Maa,” an experimental meditative sonic journey to the center of the Earth.

Connect with KoTo Kaur:

Instagram & Facebook: @kotokaur
YouTube: KoToKaur2233
Latest single “Maa”: All streaming platforms
Interview with KoTo Kaur

Delusion Bay: A Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Extraordinaire

César Rodriguez, a Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist artist and music producer based in Miami, has spent over a decade studying, performing, and exploring various genres such as classical music, pop, alternative rock, Latin folk, and ambient music. A graduate of Miami Dade College’s Music Business and Production program, he now produces for various Miami indie scene acts such as Musiana, April Nicole, and KoTo Kaur.

Rodriguez’s creative reach extends beyond music production; he is the mastermind behind Latine Fest, a Latino-indie music festival held at The Center for Subtropical Affairs. He has performed at prestigious venues like The Pérez Art Museum, Vizcaya Museum, Lagniappe, and Oasis Wynwood. Presently, César performs with Hunters of the Alps, April Nicole, Musiana, Filo, and Cesar Paniagua, both as a producer and a live musician. He’s currently working on Delusion Bay’s next album.

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